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Our capable, experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeons are dedicated to helping you achieve a healthy mouth and beautiful smile that will last a lifetime. For more than 40 years, FDIOS has been providing dental implant restorations, wisdom teeth extractions, and many other oral procedures in Lakeland, Tampa Bay, and The Villages. We also provide medical and cosmetic skin treatments to help keep you looking young and feeling your best. Learn more about how the surgeons at Florida Dental Implants and Oral Surgery can help you realize the results you desire.

Dental Implants

Do you need new teeth? We specialize in providing beautiful single tooth, full arch, and full mouth restorations.

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Wisdom Teeth

Most young adults need their wisdom teeth removed for a variety of reasons. We can help with your removal.

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We do what we can to save your natural teeth, but different factors may lead to extraction being necessary.

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Pre-prosthetic Surgery

Are you seeking dental implants or dentures? Learn if this preparative surgery would be right for you.

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Impacted Canines

Sometimes canine teeth don’t grow-in correctly and get “stuck.” We can help guide them to erupt properly.

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Bone Grafting

If teeth are missing, the jawbone may require the process of “rebuilding” prior to the placement of an implant.

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Facial Trauma

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are uniquely qualified to treat injuries to facial tissue, bones, and teeth.

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TMJ Disorders

If you’re experiencing pain, clicking, or mobility issues with your jaw, we likely have a treatment option for you.

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Jaw Surgery

A corrective procedure for a misaligned jaw or improper bite can greatly improve the jaw’s function and appearance.

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Distraction Osteogenesis

When a bone isn’t adequate length, surgeons can utilize the body’s natural process to help it grow.

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Do you have unwanted facial wrinkles? Our doctors are certified to administer the BOTOX® skin cosmetic.

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Facial Skin Rejuvenation

This skin treatment is often used in conjunction with other procedures to helps create softer skin.

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Oral Pathology

Oral pathology investigates the causes, processes, and effects of diseases affecting the mouth and jaw. 

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Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP therapy seeks to greatly accelerate the body’s natural healing process by increasing platelet quantity.

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Sleep Apnea

Experiencing frequent sleep interruptions? Talk to our doctors to see if Sleep Apnea treatment can help you.

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